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Teaching Kids More Than One Language

3 Things to Consider before Enrolling Your Child in a Bilingual Preschool

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Bilingual preschools are becoming more prevalent in the United States. They offer an opportunity for young children to be exposed to more than one language on a regular basis and become proficient in a second language. Whether you want your child to pick up a second language that your family does not speak fluently or you want to help normalize the language you speak at home by sending your child to a school where it is spoken, a bilingual preschool can offer many benefits. However, before you decide to enroll your child in a bilingual...

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How Daycare Instructors Can Handle Children With Ease

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Teaching young children is certainly a challenge, and parents know that raising kids is a tough job. For daycare workers and teachers at centers like Mountainside School, the job is exponentially challenging thanks to the sheer number of children they have to watch over each day. For those working in the daycare sector, it’s important to know how to deal with young children in a manner that gives them a nurturing environment while making sure they’re following all of the rules. Here are some ways daycare workers can ensure they...

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Focus On These Things When Shopping For Childcare Software For Your Daycare Center

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As someone who runs a daycare center, there are a lot of things for you to take care of on a day-to-day basis. You may already have a record keeping system in place, but access to childcare software can give you a streamlined, more secure way of handling your finances, records and other documents related to your daycare center. Here are some things to focus on when shopping for this kind of software, so you can select a program that is suitable. Security Your facility may have sensitive information about a number of the children who attend...

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Is Your Child Starting Preschool Next Fall? Now Is The Time To Get Your Child Ready!

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Your child’s transition into the local child development center might be tough. Small children who have spent their entire lives at home near their parents can get nervous or scared in new environments. If your child is going to be enrolling in preschool this fall, now is the perfect time to get your child ready. In the months ahead, you can help your child adjust to new environments and get used to spending time with other children. With adequate preparation, your child may find the transition into preschool to be less frightening and...

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The 5 Best Parts Of The Child Care Day

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Your little one’s day at child care is more than crayons and nap time. Whether she spends five hours a week or all five days at daycare, knowing what she does and how it helps her to develop is part of parenting her. While not every center is the same when it comes to the overall program, curriculum, and classroom activities, you may find that some of the best parts of your child’s day include: Socialization. Infants and young children need to experience give-and-take relationships, learn how to resolve conflicts in appropriate...

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6 Questions And Answers About Charter Schools

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A charter school is a specialized public school whose oversight is provided by a group or organization under a legislative charter. The charter provides exemptions from some state and local regulations. However, the charter school is required to meet specified standards, or the school’s charter can be revoked. Nevertheless, if you are considering a charter school for your child’s education, the concept can seem foreign. Here are a few questions and answers to demystify charter schools: Are charter school students restricted to a...

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Tips For Helping Jewish Boys Maintain Traditional Values

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In a society where traditional values of all sorts seem to have gone out the window, raising a Jewish boy who will adhere to traditional values isn’t easy. Spending time learning about their religion and meeting high standards at the academic level helps, but that isn’t all that’s required. As a parent of a Jewish boy, you know the challenges; now you just have to find a way to overcome them. Here you can learn some tips that you may not have thought of in your daily efforts to raise a Jewish boy into a wholesome Jewish man....

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Biting In Daycare – Why Does It Happen And What Do You Do?

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Biting is a common occurrence when you put a group of toddlers together in a child care center. Unfortunately, these little creatures don’t have the maturity or ability to grasp that biting is wrong and can injure the kids that they play with. Here, you will find some of the answers that you probably have about biting in daycare. Why do toddlers bite? Toddlers are working to find a release for anger, frustration, and anxiety. Unfortunately, biting provides many of these kids the emotional release that they need to get over what they are...

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Tips For Finding The Best Child Care Service

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Because most people spend a minimum of 40 hours per week at work, it is important that they make sure that during that time they’re at work, their kids are in good hands. The way to do this is to find a licensed and insured child care business that can help you out. You will need to make sure that they look after your child’s health and safety, in addition to edifying their mind and making sure that they get plenty of time to move around and be creative. In that regard, consider some of these tips, so that you are able to give...

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4 Ways Accredited Preschools Engage Families

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You want the best for your young child’s early education. Accredited preschools provide quality programs that meet nationally recognized standards. Not only do these early learning centers and schools have to prove their worth when it comes to what they teach, they also have to demonstrate that they know who they teach. Maintaining relationships with families is a key part of any effective preschool program, according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Accrediting agencies, such as NAEYC and the...

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