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Teaching Kids More Than One Language

Hello, I am Olivia Weurst. I am a strong supporter of teaching kids more than one language by the end of elementary school. With the world rapidly expanding, kids will need to speak several different languages to reach outside of their communities. Teaching kids just one extra language makes it easier to pick up other forms of speech later on. Kids take to languages quickly while enrolled in immersion programs. These programs mix the use of two languages to allow kids to pick up vocabulary quickly. I hope to explore all of the different language education programs for kids through my site. Parents and teachers can use the information on my site to help their kids expand their worldview and language abilities. Thank you.

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6 Questions And Answers About Charter Schools

A charter school is a specialized public school whose oversight is provided by a group or organization under a legislative charter. The charter provides exemptions from some state and local regulations. However, the charter school is required to meet specified standards, or the school's charter can be revoked. Nevertheless, if you are considering a charter school for your child's education, the concept can seem foreign. Here are a few questions and answers to demystify charter schools:

Are charter school students restricted to a specific school district?

Regular public schools usually provide an education to children of a specific school district only. The geographic region of enrollment can be more extensive for a charter school. In addition, charter schools can recruit their students instead of having them automatically assigned. Still, there are usually a limited number of students permitted. If an excess of qualified students apply, a lottery is performed to narrow the candidates.

Who runs a charter school?

Charter schools can be managed by a myriad of governing bodies, including parents, nonprofit groups, companies and teachers. Additionally, their oversight can change periodically. It can be helpful to identify who runs a charter, since a charter's philosophy may be linked to its current oversight. 

Are charter school classrooms as crowded as those in regular public schools?

Charter school class sizes are usually smaller than those found in traditional public schools. Thus, students who attend charter schools may receive more individualized attention.

Do charter schools have to follow strict guidelines?

Charter schools are required to adhere to regulations. However, the guidelines are frequently less stringent than those of regular public schools. Charter schools may even have more control over how they apply their funding.

Is the curriculum of a charter school standardized?

Some core curriculum is standardized for charter schools. However, charters often stress a specific interest, such as medicine or performing arts. The classes offered are designed to provide more knowledge of the specified interest.

Do you have to pay for your child to attend a charter school?

A charter school is still a public school, so parents don't have to pay tuition. 

If you would like your child to receive a specialized education, a charter school could be a great option. Smaller class sizes and career-focused classes could help prepare your child for his or her secondary education or career. If you are interested in learning more about charter schools, contact a charter school in your area, like Freedom Academy.